Teeth Whitening X1 Start Kit

Best in test teeth whitening!

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Touch-Up Cleaning Pen (worth £26.90) for free

With our popular Start Kit, you get a beautiful white smile, safe, easy and completely without any side effects like pain in the gums or tooth sensitivity. The Start Kit contains everything you need and is perfect if you've never whitened your teeth before. It's very simple to use and each treatment only takes 15 minutes. The mouth trays are shaped for individual fit - just like at the dentist.

The whitening effect of teeth comes from a resolution of surface stains, partly through the oxidation of organic compounds deeper seated in the enamel and dentin. Beconfident's method is based on a combination of cleaning agents (Surface Active Agents) and active 32% sodium bicarbonate. Unlike hydrogen peroxide which can cause unpleasant tooth sensitivity and pain in the teeth ours is gentle and free from side effects.

All that is needed to get your dream smile is included in the package; 10ml peroxide free whitening gel with fresh melon flavor for 10 treatments. 3pcs (one extra) mouth trays that keeps gel in place, a shade guide and clear instructions in english.


  • Up 4 shades whiter 10 days.

  • Advanced whitening: Effectively removes stains and restores the natural whiteness of teeth.

  • Strengthens: The combination of natural ingredients helps to re-mineralise enamel.

  • 100% secure: Our own unique technology without peroxides and thus no risk of pain or other unpleasant side effects. Free from BPA, TEA and parabens. Tested and approved by the FDA.

  • Highest quality , made in Sweden and United States , not in Asia.

  • More than 85% natural ingredients.

Product tutorial in english:

Active Ingredients

-Sodium Bicarbonate: Penetrate tooth after about 8 minutes to form free carbonates
-Aloe Vera: Soothing and gentle on the gums
-Fluoride: To strengthen teeth and reduce the appearance of caries
-Organic Melon Flavor: For a fresh experience


Customer Reviews

OkReview by Peter (Sweden), 2016-05-12
Worked okay. A little shiver at first, but then ok.

GreatReview by Emma (Sweden), 2016-01-19
Tested several teeth whitening but nothing has worked. But this was incredible, saw results after just three days, running for 7 days now, and almost all stains are gone and the teeth are a shade whiter! Very satisfied and I recommend this product. I took a before picture, will take one after treatment is finished (10 days of treatment).
Unfortunately didn’t work for meReview by Anonymous (Sweden), 2015-08-31
I chose to try this brand after using other products with peroxides successfully. After a few days of use there was a small difference that was on par with what I received from various Whitening toothpastes - about one shade lighter which is not much. Then, I thought my teeth were more discoloured than before, which I thought was very strange so I chose to stop the treatment. Now it’s been two weeks since last treatment and I can say that unfortunately there is nobody who noticed a difference between the teeth I bleached and those not treated even though I followed the instructions to the letter. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this product.

Reply from Beconfident:
We believe that the treatment is stopped too early, after only two days, and thus the product did not get a real chance. The result can be easily missed if you do not take before and after pictures or use the shade guide. The light in the room and the viewing angle of the mirror can also cause the results differ. It is also impossible that the teeth become more discoloured as of this treatment, we have never heard anything like it before.
TubeReview by Linnea (Sweden), 2015-08-31
The tube is a bit difficult to drain completely, otherwise I'm satisfied. Thanks.
Absolutely OKReview by Tessan (Sweden), 2015-08-24
This was the second time I tested teeth whitening online, the first was also good but this gave no shooting pain and I have sensitive teeth. One must make the treatment a few times to get good results. The gel tastes sweet, but a little sleazy.


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