Teeth Whitening Premium X3 Kit

Our best and most effective teeth whitening for home use. Complete whitening system for 14 days. Including ToothGloss for post enamel protection.


Touch-Up Cleaning Pen (worth £26,90) for free.

Beconfident's Premium X3 Kit is like our Start Kit, but better. It has everything you need to whiten teeth and contains our new exclusive Dual Boost teeth whitening gel that has a patented whitening technology providing faster and better results than any other peroxide free whitening. The gel is activated in two steps without causing any discomfort or pain which is common in other tooth whitening and especially those containing hydrogen peroxide. These can cause unpleasant tooth sensitivity and pain but our active ingredients are gentle and free from any side effects.

The treatment takes between 12-14 days. Together with our Tooth Gloss that protects teeth from discoloration, this is our most effective and complete teeth whitening system ever!


  • Up to 5 shades whiter in 7 days; 6 shades in 10 days and 1-2 shades in just 30 minutes

  • Advanced whitening: Dual Boost gel effectively removes stains (eg from coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine) above and beneath the enamel for deeper whitening. Recreates the natural whiteness of teeth.

  • Strengthens: The combination of natural ingredients helps to re-mineralise enamel

  • 100% secure: Our own unique technology without peroxides and thus no risk of pain, tooth sensitivity or other unpleasant side effects. Tested & Approved by dentists

  • Highest quality , made in Sweden and United States , not in Asia.

  • More than 85% natural ingredients

Please note that Tooth Gloss is included in the package!

Product tutorial in english:

Active Ingredients

-Sodium Coco-Sulfate: Activated directly in contact with the tooth. Effectively removes discoloration from teeth.
-Sodium Bicarbonate: Penetrates tooth after about 8 minutes, and starts a second wave of cleaning and creates free carbonates.
-Aloe Vera: Soothing and gentle on the gums.
Fluoride: Strengthens teeth and reduces the risk of caries.
-Organic Mint: For a fresh experience.

FAQ Premium Kit:

What is and how does the Dual Boost gel work?
Dual-Boost is a unique and patented technology.
It works in two stages to produce the whiteness of one's teeth:

Step 1. Immediately when the gel comes into contact with the tooth substance is activated Sodium Coco-Sulfate goes in and cleans and removes stains in depth.
Step 2. After about 8 minutes then activated substance Sodium Bicarbonate enters and dissolves other forms of discoloration in depth.

This means that the teeth treated with two different methods, resulting in a real good results.
In addition, you can see results already after 30 minutes if you need to quickly get a little whiter teeth!

What is the difference between the Premium Kit and the Start Kit? Which one should I choose?
The premium kit is far more efficient and offers the patented dual-boost technology that provides better whitening results. Also it has in addition the Tooth Gloss (value £16.90) that protects and provides extra shine to one's teeth and twice more in the dual-boost gel (20ml instead of 10ml).

We recommend the Premium Kit, however, you also get a very good whitening in the Start Kit.

What flavour is the Tooth Gloss?
It is normally the Mint Tooth Gloss that is included in the Premium Kit.


Customer Reviews

Super nice!Review by Evelina (Sweden), 2016-09-19
I think the result is super nice! The teeth got a refresh and I will definitely use the products again. I got no shooting pains, which I usually always get from other teeth whitening products. So for those who are worried about strong teeth whitening methods, I really think that this could be the product for you.

Good results after 7 days Review by Pieter (Sweden), 2016-09-16
I was a bit suspicious if it really would work because I use snus (tobacco) but I started seeing results after a few days, my teeth got a lot whiter and healthier than they have ever been before. I will probably not stop using snus but this helps to still have a nice smile. I intend to keep on using this kit and will probably do another treatment for two months, will be interesting to see how long the results last. Didn’t get any sensitivity or pain what so ever.
3 of 5Review by Anna (Sweden), 2015-08-24
I whitened my teeth many times. Everything from the dentist to a regular home whitening kit. Overall, I am satisfied and this worked well BUT! I had expected that only whiten once. When I got the package, I realized that it was a treatment for like one week.. but I completed and the teeth were whiter but you must be more detailed on how to use the product the marketing. Thanks.

Reply Beconfident:
There is no so-called "Quick fix" when it comes to home teeth whitening, which gives a big change right away. However, you can with the Premium teeth whitening see a shade difference after just 30 minutes. If you want real fast results and a great change you must visit a dental clinic that is allowed to use much stronger ingredients but that procedure takes place under professional supervision.
There are unfortunately illegal products on the market who offer teeth whitening and who uses dangerous peroxides despite EU banned this year 2012.
Safety is top priority for us and we want to offer a 100% safe alternative.
Whiter teethReview by Jenny (Sweden), 2015-08-20
Extremely pleased with the result. :)
Not done so many treatments, but got much whiter teeth and they are still white although it was a long time since I did the last bleaching. I have sensitive teeth and was afraid that bleaching would make it worse, but this teeth whitening was gentle and did not affect the teeth at all. Obviously positive for the low price, free and fast shipping, but whitening effect was still the most important and the product got 10 of 10 points!

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