Deluxe Beconfident

Right now - an extra touch up cleaning pen with - in total you receive two.

A package for you that want a complete system with both teeth whitening and post-treatment. Besides the complete Start Kit with 10ml teeth whitening gel and mouth trays you also get the the tooth gloss, touch-up cleaning web and the popular Supersmile® tooth paste. By buying this kit you save 60% as all products separately cost over £90!

The mouth trays will be fitted individually for a perfect fit - just like the dentist would. dissolution of stains on the surface of the tooth as well as oxidizing organic compounds causing discolorations deeper in the enamel and dentine. The formulation consists of a combination of cleaning substances (surfactants, Surface Active Agents) and
actively whitening free carbonates released from the gel ingredient 32% Sodium Bicarbonate. Contrary to whitening products containing Hydrogen Peroxide, that can cause irritation and pain, our active ingredients are gentle and free from any negative side effects.

Supersmile® toothpaste contains Calprox® works by gently dissolving the protein pellicle, a thin layer of protein that forms on the surface of teeth, to which plaque, bacteria, and stains adhere. Safely removing the stained pellicle - without the use of harsh abrasives, like Silica - leaves the teeth looking and feeling cleaner for a longer period of time.


  • Up to 4 shades whiter in 10 days

  • Advanced whitening: Effectively removes stains and restores the natural whiteness of teeth.

  • Strengthens The combination of natural ingredients helps to remineralize enamel

  • Safe: Our own unique technology without peroxides and thus no risk of pain or other unpleasant side effects. Free from BPA, parabens and TEA

  • Post-treatment: Tooth Gloss applied after each treatment to protect teeth and give extra shine

  • More than 85% natural ingredients:

Active ingredients in the teeth whitening gel

-Sodium Bicarbonate: Penetrates the tooth and forms free carbonates
-Aloe Vera: Soothing for the gums
-Fluor: Strengthens the teeth and helps reduce the risk of caries
-Organic Melon taste: For a fresh feeling

Frequently asked questions about this luxury package

Why do I need to buy this package, it is not enough with the regular Start Kit?
Deluxe kit contains in addition to everything included in the Start Kit much more. The toothpaste Supersmile® that improves the performance and teeth whitening pen that can be used on specific teeth that are more discolored than others. Additionally included Tooth Glossen which is a unique product that helps protect teeth and gives them a little extra shine after tandblekningsbeahndlingen but which can also be used after meals to freshen breath.

This luxurious teeth whitening package gives a much better result than using starter kit. Additionally, you save over 60% versus buying the products individually (pluss it now also comes with an extra bleach pen).

Can you really guarantee that my teeth get whiter?
99% of our clients get whiter teeth with our teeth whitening.There are only a few people were teeth whitening treatments has failed and then it's usually due to wrong usage of the products. In this case, we have help the customer to complete the treatment in a proper way. If this doesn't help we have 100% satisfaction guarantee which enables the customer to return the products and get the money back. You can feel 100% safe!

What should I do with two Touch-Up Cleaning pens?
The advantage of two pens is that you can always improve on your teeth whitening when it needs to. The advantage of the pen is that you can easily brush on which you missed when you bleached your teeth or if you think you got a little worse results anywhere. The Touch-Up Cleaning pen is also very easy to carry along.

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