Teeth Whitening Gel Refill

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The Beconfident Teeth Whitening Gel Refill contains a new and advanced peroxide free gel formula to whiten teeth in just 30 minutes (2 treatments). The refill kit is perfect if you currently own a set of mouth trays. Our home teeth whitening products and systems are perfectly suitable for everybody, whether you are purchasing for yourself, as friends or as a couple, there is a whitening kit for everyone. Beconfident Refill contains a new and advanced peroxide free gel formula for an effective, fast acting whitening process. This product is to be used with mouth trays which can be purchased with the Beconfident whitening kit or purchased separately.


Customer Reviews

Doesn’t work Review by Christine (Sweden), 2015-11-26
Good taste certainly and nedoesn’t hurts or gives sensitivity. Provides unfortunately no visible result at all, either ... Completely ineffective.

Comment from Beconfident:
Unfortunately there are a few people for which the teeth whitening provides no or very poor results. In these cases, we usually ask the customer to get back to us and we offer another treatment or full refund of the money. In some cases, the customer has not completed the entire treatment or it was performed incorrectly. We always offer 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
TasteReview by Cathrin (Sweden), 2015-08-31
It tastes a bit sleazy.. but better than the gel I bought at the dentist, it was anything but sleazy. This whitening gel is okay, visible results after 3-4 treatments.


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