Clear Skin Premium Kit

Reduces acne and strengthens skin. Complete 2-step system for 60 days use.


Beconfident® Clear Skin Premium Kit is a complete system with everything you need to reduce your acne symptoms with two simple steps.

Prepare contains lactoperoxidase, which is a unique colostrum product to limit acne bacteria with minimal irritation of the skin. The products are gentle but contain ingredients that effectively reduce the symptoms of acne, while strengthening the skin in the long term and thus preventing new breakouts from occurring.

With daily use of Reduce it will strengthen your skin so that new acne does not occur and thus limits future trouble. Reduce has the important task to make your skin more resilient.

Acne works best in each phase with just the right amount of active ingredients. The Start Kit therefore includes two airless bottles. Acne Prepare to start with and Acne Reduce for long-term results, thus figthing acne in two phases. Plus, you get the Acne Spot On Pen for direct application. The pen is easy to carry along and you can be on annoying spots as often as you want.

Both a printed manual and a mobile application is available for support and will provide you with personal guidance throughout your treatment. This is your first step to the perfect skin. Start today!

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Customer Reviews

Very goodReview by Hampus (Sweden), 2016-11-15
Works very well. Took some time but the pimples disappeared.
Rid of my acneReview by Jonathan (Sweden), 2016-09-06
Thumbs up for acne start kit, used it for a month and got really great results, I’m finally rid of my acne :-). Easy to use, smells good, and recommended for all skin / acne problems!

Not dryReview by A.G (Sweden), 2016-02-06
I’m overall satisfied, the pimples are basically gone, but it requires that I actually use it every day. My skin is not super dry either. Only negative thing is the price, however...
Great!Review by Olof (Sweden), 2015-12-08
Works great! Good app and that you explaines that it takes time!
First nothing but..Review by Fanny (Sweden), 2015-08-24
It took some time but then then I was almost rid of the pimples. Now it is much better, but not completely gone yet. Continuing with the treatment. Posted

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