How to place an order on the website, step by step

1. Choose product

Wherever products is presented there are buttons for "View" or "Buy". Click "View" to read more about the item, and "Buy" to add it to the cart.

Please use the search function. You can find a product by entering a keyword, description, long or short, article number, etc into the search bar on the top of this page and then click on "Search". You do not need to write the whole word, if you are not sure, just type a part of a world.

2. Choosing your purchases

Choose the item you want to purchase and select the quantity you would like by using the drop down arrow next to 'qty'. Select how many you would like and 'click' that number. Click the green 'Add to cart' button to add this to your basket. Repeat the process for other items you require.

3. To the Checkout

Once you have finished shopping, 'click' the green 'Checkout' button

Check and make any needed corrections to your cart before proceeding to checkout. Then fill in the requested information, select the delivery and between our secure payment options. Make sure any check boxes are selected. Then confirm the order. Done! Your products are packed and shipped the same day you order.

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