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beconfiDent Peroxide Free Premier Teeth Whitening Kit

The beconfiDent Premier Kit is presented beautifully in a pearlescent blue double zip travel case for safe and easy storeage when travelling. The kit contains a new and advanced peroxide free gel formula for an effective, fast acting whitening process with a single treatment time of only 15 minutes. The kit contains whitening gel for 2 courses, 40 applications of teeth whitening (20 full mouth applications), 3x mouth trays and a beautiful pearlescent blue double zip travel case for safe and easy storage when travelling.

Peroxide Free, Organic Ingredients

beconfiDent Home Teeth Whitening Kits are 100% peroxide free, produced from many natural and organic ingredients and developed by one of the most respected professionals within the teeth whitening and oral care industry, Dr Martin Giniger.

Product detailsContents
  • Whiter teeth in 30 minutes (2x applications)
  • Visible results in 1-2 applications
  • 15 Minute treatment
  • Natural & Organic ingredients
  • 100% Peroxide free
  • 100% Enamel safe
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

  • 2x 10ml Tubes of beconfiDent Whitening Gel (40 applications)
  • 3x beconfiDent Original Mouth Trays
  • 1x Mouth tray case
  • 1x beconfiDent Zip up travel case
  • 1x Shade guide
  • 1x Instruction manual

Before and After Images
beconfiDent Teeth Whitening Before and After Images

Whitening Gel

beconfiDent whitening gel is a new and advanced peroxide free formula for an effective, fast acting whitening process with a single treatment time of only 15 minutes. The peroxide free whitening gel has a neutral pH, providing a safe and gentle whitening treatment that doesn't damage tooth enamel.

beconfiDent Original Mouth Trays
beconfiDent Original Mouth Trays are easily heat moulded for an individual, personal fit. They are comfortable to wear and designed for the best fit possible. They come in a pack of 3 so there is a spare if needed.

"beconfiDent mouth trays are of the highest quality and approved for professional use."
- Dr. Martin Giniger, the undisputed leading expert in teeth whitening products formulation.

Whitening Gel Ingredients

Organic Vegetable Glycerin (Kosher, USP), Organic Natural Baking Soda (Kosher, USP), Potassium Nitrate, Organic Kosher Gluten-Free Flavour Extracts, Natural Xylitol, Carbomer 940, Sorbitol, Trolamine, Aloe Leaf Juice, Pomegranate Seed Extract, Chamomile Flower Extract, Sodium Fluoride

The Science - How it works

The organic natural baking soda in the formula (sodium bicarbonate) is the molecule that releases the CO- Free radicals that causes the whitening of teeth. Free radicals are released when salivary alkaline phosphatase (an enzyme from saliva) combines with some of the natural vegetable extracts in the gel, causing the baking soda to break down to release the bleaching radical (CO-) and natural salts.

beconfiDent products are not animal tested

beconfiDent products are not tested on animals. beconfiDent is a caring organisation and don't believe in testing beconfiDents Teeth Whitening and Oral Care Products on animals, thus adhering to 'The Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations 2008' on the restrictions of animal testing.

Whitening Kit Instructions

For best results, read instructions carefully before use

Step 1. Shape the mouth tray. Hold the tray by the tab and dip into water at a temperature of 80°C for 5-6 seconds until it is malleable. Do not submerge the tab and be careful, keeping fingers out of the water at all times. Shake the tray to remove the remaining water, then carefully and quickly place the tray into the mouth on the upper or lower set of teeth (this will not burn you). Use your fingers and tongue to mould the tray to your teeth. Close your mouth and suck the air and moisture out, helping to provide a better impression of your teeth. Keep the tray in for 30 seconds.

If you are not satisfied, repeat the procedure with the same tray.

Once you are happy with the fit of the tray, rinse with cold water and remove the tab with a pair of scissors. Make sure the cut is flush with the front of the tray.

Please Note: Store the trays at room temperature and away from direct sunlight in order to retain the shape.

Step 2. Brush your teeth gently without toothpaste before each treatment

Step 3. Using the tube, apply a small line of gel to the mouth tray (approximately 0.5ml) from one end to the other

Step 4. Leave on your teeth for 15 minutes

Step 5. Remove the tray after 15 minutes

Step 6. Brush your teeth without toothpaste

Step 7. Repeat the treatment once a day for 10 days or until you are satisfied with the results

Step 8. Repeat the process with the other set of teeth

Download beconfiDent Teeth Whitening Kit instructions

For the best results

The number of treatments required for the desired results are different from person to person. Teeth are unique and will be whitened back to the natural white tooth shade of the individual.

Repeat the treatment until desired results are achieved. We recommend that the full 10 day treatment is completed. Results vary depending upon tooth discolouration and genetic conditions.

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